A book, website, portal and multimedia program exploring what cutting-edge technologies in personalized medicine can tell us about individual health and life -- past, present and future: genes, environment, brain and body. A joint project with the Center for Life Science Policy, University of California at Berkeley.

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Experimental Man:
What one man's body reveals about his future, your health, and our toxic world
(John Wiley & Sons)
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New Experimental Man Website

Watch David's beating heart cells, derived from Induced Pluripotent Stem cells. More.

Presented by MIT Technology Review

New tests exploring the frontiers of personalized health

Feature Story: Growing Heart Cells Just for You: What can heart cells generated from my blood tell me about my future risk for disease - and about what drugs I should take if I get sick?

Video: David explains his latest tests

Slide Show: Finding my heart in Wisconsin

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THE EXPERIMENTAL MAN PROJECT will be working with the new Center for Life Science Policy at the University of California at Berkeley to maintain this site as a resource for the public and for scientists wanting to download information, data, articles and thoughts about their own work or results on the topics of genes, environment, brain and body.

Educational Materials: What is personalized medicine, and how will it impact you?

Experimental Man Portal
Labs and companies that have participated in the project

Featured Site:

A case study about a new algorithm for predicting a heart attack from Entelos, Inc. Read about the first individual to have multiple risk factors for heart attack (genes, blood chemistry, CT scan, carotid ultrasound) assessed and profiled against a large population of patients. Article about the test and results.

A complete list of participants 
Thanks to everyone who helped with the project!

Experimental Man Index
A single man gets an extensive, high-tech exam

Liters of blood drawn ... 1.7
Hours in an MRI ... 22
Gigabytes of data produced ... 100+
Number of chemical toxins tested for ... 320
Number of toxins detected ... 165
Number of gene markers tested for, in millions ... 7-10

More Index Numbers

David Gets His Full Genome Sequenced

David's Results on SNPedia: 21,556 genetic traits

Raw Genome Data

Blog: My Genome Via E-mail: Trying to understand the six billion nucleotides-all of my DNA - that just arrived in my in-box

Thanks to Complete Genomics and the Personal Genome Project

The Experimental Man Blog
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