11:45 am Monday

President Obama is set to announce a reversal of President Bush’s restriction of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research — at 11:45 am on Monday, March 9. 

This not only activates funding for this promising and exciting research, it also provides a symbolic closure to the Bush years when science too often was superseded by politics and ideology.

Read more in the New York Times.

One Response to “11:45 am Monday”

  1. LM Freeman Says:

    “superseded by politics and ideology” actually refers to Obama’s decision.
    There have been numerous and significant successes with stem cell ACTUAL THERAPIES using adult stem cells. Even though embryonic stem cell research WAS IN FACT done on many existing embryos during Bush’s term, not one successful therapy resulted.

    Furthermore, when adult stem cells are used for therapy on that person, there is no need for anti-rejection drugs because the DNA is one’s own, so there is no rejection of the tissues derived therefrom.

    True science does not reject adult stem cell research in favor of politically driven pressures.

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