Rolling Stone’s top 100 people changing America

Scientists and environmental activists mix it up with Taylor Swift, Danger Mouse, and Barrack Obama

This from the Genome Web Daily Scan:

“Rolling Stone has come up with a list of people they say are “changing America.”Hidden in between teen pop/country singer Taylor Swift (number 100 — yes, we’re confused, too) and Barack Obama (number 1) are Craig Venter (number 71), Leroy Hood (63), Jay Keasling (number 40), and Steven Chu (number 24). RS says Hood is changing “the future of medicine” by [giving] physicians tools to diagnose and treat disease even before any symptoms appear” and that Keasling is changing America’s energy troubles “engineering bacteria to convert cornstalks and wheat chaff into synthetic hydrocarbon fuels that can power planes, trains and automobiles.”"

I would also add slow-food guru Michael Pollan (69), new Obama green advisor Van Jones (89), virus-hunter Nathan Wolfe, physicist Lisa Randall (43), Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (34), and of course John Stuart and Stephen Colbert (5). 

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