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Experimental Man:
What one man's body reveals about his future, your health, and our toxic world
(John Wiley & Sons)
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Experimental Man Data and Results: Environment
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This information is best perused while reading and consulting the book: Experimental Man: What one man's body reveals about his future, your health, and our toxic world
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Featured Images: Environment
Click the box above for slide show from "The Pollution Within", National Geographic, 2006, by David Ewing Duncan. Photographs by Peter Essick View the National Geographic "toxic house" graphic
Data and Results

Chemical body burden study: summary of tests
Environmental toxins tested for: 320
Number of toxins detected: 165
Types of chemicals tested: metals, pesticides, dioxins, PCBs, flame retardants, phthalates, PFOs, Bisphenol A, and more.
The author's "chemical report card" (National Geographic)

Chart of main results, author's levels compared CDC studies

Lab where most tests were run: Axys Analytical

Highlights of chemicals inside author:
Flame Retardants: Results
  Book Guide: "Light my fire", pages 117-123
DDT: Results
  Book Guide: "Idyllic childhood in Kansas, except for the toxic waste dump", pages 129-138
PCB: Results
  Book Guide: "Hotspot on the Hudson", pages 139-144
Phthalates: Results
  Book Guide: "Whose body burden?", pages 145-146
Metals: Results
  Book Guide: several chapters, pages 3-10; 159-162; 171-173
Additional information on the EPA superfund site near author's boyhood home in Kansas: FINAL
  Book Guide: "Idyllic childhood in Kansas, except for the toxic waste dump", pages 129-138
  Definition: "The use of genetic risk factors to determine a person's sensitivity to environmental influences, such as exposure to chemical toxins."
  Author's results for Genetic Markers for Mercury Sensitivity
  Book Guide: pages 3-10; 159-162; 171-173
  Chart of several genetic variations linked to environmental factors, with author's results (food, allergies, obesity, and skin cancer)
Genetic Pathways Impacted by Toxins
  What is this?: Toxins can impact a gene that is part of a pathway of genes that regulate, say, the respiratory system. Impacting the one gene can cause changes in genes throughout the system.
  Book Guide: "Do my genes protect me", pages 161-162
  Click here for a section of the book on pathways that was cut in the final draft, which includes charts from geneticist Carolyn Mattingly showing pathways and genes that she links to some of the authorís genetic results.

Contributors (Portal)
Links to Labs and Companies

Ake Bergmen
Axys Analytical
Comparative Toxicogenomic Database
National Institutes for Health Chemical Genomics Center
More contributors to come

For more information:

Centers for Disease Control's National Report on Human Exposure to Environmental Chemicals: A major source of information and data for the environment section of Experimental Man
Environmental Protection Agency: A rich source of information about chemicals, pollution, and U.S. regulations
Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry: This website provides comprehensive toxicological profiles for many chemicals, including mercury, DDT, PCBs, and others.
Environmental Working Group: This environmental activist organization has conducted pioneering work on chemical body burden
Commonweal: A great environmental group based in Bolinas, CA that has run chemical body burden studied on prominent Californians
America Chemistry Council: An organization representing the chemical industry
Registration, Evaluation and Authorization of Chemicals (REACH): Information about the European Unionís new regulations on chemicals and their usage, including laws that require the testing of many new chemicals for toxicity before they are approved
National Library of Medicine: This website from the National Library of Medicine, a division of the National Institutes of Health, contains a wide variety of specialized information regarding environmental health and toxicology 
The Genes and Environment Initiative: A major program at the NIH for studying this topic

Featured Media

"The Pollution Within", by David Ewing Duncan, National Geographic, November, 2006 
PBS: Bill Moyer's Special: Trade Secrets: Chemical Body Burden
Our Stolen Future, by Theo Colburn, Dianne Dumanoski, and John Peterson Myers, website and blogs
More to come

Links and Blog Roll

Our Stolen Future
The Daily Green
The Green Life (Sierra Club) 

David Gets His Full Genome Sequenced

David's Results on SNPedia: 21,556 genetic traits

Raw Genome Data

Blog: My Genome Via E-mail: Trying to understand the six billion nucleotides-all of my DNA - that just arrived in my in-box

Thanks to Complete Genomics and the Personal Genome Project

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