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Experimental Man:
What one man's body reveals about his future, your health, and our toxic world
(John Wiley & Sons)
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Experimental Man Data and Results: Genes
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This information is best perused while reading and consulting the book: Experimental Man: What one man's body reveals about his future, your health, and our toxic world
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2001 Data and Results (Tests taken for 2002 Wired Article)
  Book Guide: "Not a genetic virgin", pages 25-27.
DeCode Tests, 2004-2006
  Book Guide: "Not a genetic virgin", pages 27-30
    "Predicting the future", pages 33-40
Ancestral DNA
  Book Guide: "Rollo the Viking and me", pages 72-86
Traits and Disease Data and Sources (author): SNPedia's Prometheas Program
  Check this site for 2343 genetic markers from the author identified with diseases and traits: includes author results, descriptions, and sources.
  Book Guide: "Predicting the future", pages 33-40
    "I'm doomed. Or not." pages 40-49
    "You show me yours, I'll show you mine" pages 92-100
    "Genes 'r' us" pages 101-110
    "Ready for prime time?" pages 111-114
Traits and Disease Data and Sources (author)
  Sampling of results for disease from deCODEman, 23andme, Navigenics, and other sources.
  Book Guide: "I'm doomed. Or not." pages 40-49
    "You show me yours, I'll show you mine" pages 92-100
    "Genes 'r' us" pages 101-110
Three-Generation Study: Mother, Father, Brother, Daughter
  Sample results
  Book Guide: "My gene pool (father, mother, brother, daughter)", pages 60-71.
Comparison: David Ewing Duncan and Kevin Kelly
  Sample results
  Book Guide: "You show me yours, I'll show you mine" pages 92-100.
Comparison: Three genetic testing websites for heart attack risk
   Book Guide: "I'm doomed. Or not." pages 40-49.
Raw Genetic Data

Experimental Man Tests Taken

Tested: 5-7 Million Genetic Markers

  • Illumina HumanHap 1 Million SNP/650k SNP/330K SNP
  • Affymetrix Genome-Wide Human SNP Array 6.0
  • New Affymetrix chip in development
  • Sequenom Mass-Spectrometer (2001-2)
Dozens of individual genes sequenced
  • Quest Diagnostics
  • Myriad
  • Academic Labs
  • Others

Gene Portal
Links to Labs and Companies

Genes: Major Companies and Labs in Experimental Man:
General Genetics:
Coriell Personalized Medicine Collaborative
DNA Direct
Illumina, Inc.
James Lupski, Baylor College of Medicine
Peter Byers Lab, University of Washington
Sequenom, Inc.

Analysis Only:
Omicia, Inc

Ancestral DNA:
Family Tree DNA
Oxford Ancestors

My Dinosaur DNA:
Jack Horner, Museum of the Rockies

Information on:
General Genetics
  NIH Genetics Guide
  Glossary of Terms
HHS Advisory Committee
  NIH Fact Sheet
  GINA (Act of Congress)
  DOE Human Genome Project
Direct to Consumer Testing
  NIH Fact Page and Links
David Ewing Duncan testimony, HHS, 2008
  Comments on online genetic testing
  Transcript of meeting, July 8, 2008

Featured Media -- Genes

By David Ewing Duncan
"DNA as Destiny", Wired, November, 2002
You 2.0 Series, Portfolio.com, April-May, 2008
"Welcome to the Future", Portfolio, November, 2007
By Thomas Goetz
"23andme will decode your DNA for $1000: Welcome to the age of genomics", Wired, November, 2007
By Stephen Pinker
"My Genome, Myself", New York Times Magazine, January 7, 2009

Genes: Databases, Studies, and Essays

National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI)

Blog Roll (Genes)

American Council on Science and Health
Bioethics Blog
Center for Science in the Public Interest
Christian Science Monitor's SciTech Blog
Competitive Enterprise Institute
Eye on DNA
GeneSherpa (Stephen Murphy)
Genetics and Health
Genome Boy PGP
Genome Technology Online
Grist Magazine
Health 2.0 The Revolution Begins
Health Wonk Policy Review
Holistic Genomics with Dr Jonathan Holt
Inky Science
Junk Science
Let's Get Personal (Personalized Medicine)
MIT's News Tracker
Nature News Blog
NextGen sequencing blog
On Genetics
Quantified Self by KK
Reason Magazine's Hit & Run
Science Blogs
Science Daily
Science Now
Scientific American
Seed Magazine
Steve Case's Blog at Revolution Health
The Decision Tree (Thomas Goetz)
The Intersection
The Loom
The Personal Genome
Think Gene
TiernyLab (John Tierny)
23 and ME
Wild Side (Olivia Judson)
Wired Magazine
WSJ health blog

David Gets His Full Genome Sequenced

David's Results on SNPedia: 21,556 genetic traits

Raw Genome Data

Blog: My Genome Via E-mail: Trying to understand the six billion nucleotides-all of my DNA - that just arrived in my in-box

Thanks to Complete Genomics and the Personal Genome Project

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